Sunday WWFF activation

These roads don’t see much snow plowing action.
My car with nature park’s sign just visible on right side of photo
Eight meter telescopic fishing pole strapped into thin tree and holding up EFHW antenna.

Operation details

  • Date: 2022–04–10
  • Time on air: 14:00–15:15 UTC (local time 11:00–12:15, UTC+0300)
  • Callsign on air: OH8HUB/P (op. Ossi)
  • Maidenhead grid: KP24NM61LM
  • WWFF area: OHFF-0354, “Ilvesmaan ja Leväkankaan luonnonsuojelualueet”
Photo and screenshots to prove I was operating inside the WWFF OHFF-0354 area.



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Ossi Herrala

Ossi Herrala

Co-founder and R&D lead of @sensorfu. Interested about free software, network security, and ham radio (callsign OH8HUB).